The Fall

I do not profess to be a poet, however today upon this autumn equinox having watched my dearest friend and sister pass with grace through that thin space between this life and that other I am compelled to write words. If they are poetry so be it. They are the words I perceive on this day, granted the gift of vision only such a profound and graceful passing could give me.  Thank you my Mary. This one is for you…


Death opens us all

As nothing else can do


Nut falling from the shatters


Revealed we are broken

And remade a thin place

A membrane. A shade

Left behind is all

This is.

Light calls. All is Well

As we yield to open that letting go

Anger Ego no more.

The Floor we pass through observing Death.

The dear one—

We are there our own loss

Our own self. Gone

Passing in startled surprise—

All other emotions enter it: Love

Birth. Despair all passing,

Passing with the tick-tick of

Veins pulsing in-out-breath

Fading from that skin

Belief is in—

Re-leaf. It comes to us all    As we fall.

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