Go in the Direction of Yes

I have been sadly remiss in keeping up my blog.  No excuses or whining here. Writing the blog took a back seat to all the other experiences I have had in the past two years.  Exactly two years ago my husband, sons and I took a two-month trip of a lifetime to France, Italy, Croatia, Scotland, England and Wales. During this time I walked about twenty pounds off my body and filled my mind and my viscera with so many experiences, I came home dizzy and exhausted. Back home, I discovered my sister was ill with cancer. I spent the second half of 2011 watching her courageously meet her trouble and partially recover her health. She is an inspiration.

2012 was the year we purged our house, packed boxes, and moved to a new home. This took time on both ends as it took awhile to sell our old house and feel at home in the new one. 2012 was filled with saying goodbye to the city I had lived in since I was 18, many of the friends I have had for years, and the house where we’d raised our boys. Our sons were both out of the nest and it was time for us to stretch ourselves and follow our own inclinations.  I have traveled and kept a journal during this time. I have broken through opposition and done the impossible in so many ways. In short as one of my characters said once, I have chosen to go in the direction of yes. Now, I have returned to the manuscript that I set aside two years ago. During that time I have sold some short fiction but I have been daunted by beginning again. I know, however, that if I don’t go in the direction of yes with this manuscript and finish it at last, I will feel I have chickened out.  It is time to resurrect my blog as well. Not for any other reason than I need this outlet of creativity. It’s time to breathe again.

What outlets of creativity can you not do without and why?

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