The Love You Take…

I am blessed today in so many ways and not just because it is my birthday (Thanks Google!) but because at the ripe age of 66 I have learned that my birthday isn’t about me. it’s about connections. It’s about the world. Google has so learned that and look where they are!

Let me explain. The past few months have been an interesting compendium of insights, pitfalls, and enlightenment. Now every day  reminds me of The End by the Beatles. Every minute is the end to the last and the beginning of the next and in that one minute lie all possibilities.

I am an advocate of the late Wayne Dyer’s philosophy. So simple and yet so profound. In June I came down with a terrible flu and my writing stopped for a couple of months. Grief was making me pull back rather than reach out.

I had to take complete rest, but I look back on that time now as a time of renewal rather than one of sickness. Sometimes being sick is the only way to get well. Being sick put an end to my writing for a while, but it gave me a chance to look around and begin a program of renewal both physically and mentally. I channeled my grief into journal writing and asked myself at the end of each daily binge of anxt what small think I could do to change direction. Sometimes it takes baby steps not giant ones.

During that time I began work on this site with the help of my talented niece Amanda Truscott who now has a wonderful blog on creativity while she and her partner travel. I had the pleasure of taking two courses in the Landmark series for leadership and life goals. I am reading the incredible Meditations Trilogy by friend and mentor James Artimus Owen. I am headed off to work with friends at the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus Ohio.

Suddenly today I realize I am brimming over with energy, not because I want it for myself but because I realize my success is only a very small part of a much bigger satisfaction taking risks. Reaching out. Being wholly in the zone of creating success and delight.

What seemed so very hard a month ago is now possible. Why? because I changed my outlook from within me to caring about everyone else. It’s not about me.

Being sick gave me the opportunity to catch up on my reading, and as a result I now realize I am behind in going to write comments for so many wonderful books. Here are a few I most heartily recommend: Ash and Silver by Carol Berg. (If you like wondrously layered Epic Fantasy) The entire Morland Dynasty Series by Cynthia Harrod Eagles. (If you enjoy richly layered historical fiction.)  The GodsLand series by Brian Rathbone (if you like dragons, and not only dragons but steampunk ones.) Some of the ever-wonderful books with a darkish flavour from Ragnarok Publications’ authors. Ann Gimpel’s books (if you like spicy romance). To read the quirky and the awesome and the wonderful from Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta’s Wordfire Press, and of course the varied works of Sue Bolich. (If you love horses as I do, you will find much here to endear you to them still more.)

I have a new story out edited by the wonderful author Kerrie L Hughes, called the Crow War of Willows beach which you can find here, in the Haunted Anthology, just in time for Hallowe’en. Connections! And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

I would love to hear from you regarding your own discoveries today.

Happy birthday every moment to you. Every day. Every minute.


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  • Thanks for the awesome book recommendations! I’ll definitely add those to my list. And I love how you look at something apparently negative (getting sick) in a positive light. It’s good reminder not just of the importance of how we look at things, but also of the importance of rest. Love it.

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