World Fantasy Conference 2016

Here on November the 1st, at the Samhain door between fact and fancy I have need to blog about making one’s dreams a reality.

As usual the World Fantasy Conference was a delight and an inspiration. A great big thanks to Meg Turville-Heitz and the entire Columbus WFC Committee for all the hard work you did. It takes a heroic effort on the part of many to host a convention for so many authors, agents, artists and editors to meet in this forum to do readings, panels and conduct business in the publishing industry. Building dreams. If any industry is build on making dreams a reality, this one is.

But how does a dream become reality. Passion one way. Planning another.

As this conference often happens close to Hallowe’en, and though it is not conventional for attendees to costume, inevitably some costumes do show up from non-attendees and in this case this photo by Saytchyn Maddux-Creech of a T-Rex caught in the lobby’s revolving door had a feeling both of humor and a metaphor for ‘planning ahead’.



I joined a group of talented women (Paula S Jordan, Elizabeth Crowens, Carol Berg, Carmen Webster Buxton, Sally Weiner Grotta, J Tullos Hennig, Julia Dvorin) in the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading, where each of us had nine minutes to read from a dynamic passage of our own work. As always the reading was varied and skilled and our large audience was appreciative of the words and the give-aways we raffled off.

Food and nourishment:

At Schmidt’s in Columbus, (check them out on Man VS Food) hosted by the ever-talented David Boop, 15 hungry authors and editors enjoyed delicious German buffet while sharing ideas and laughter. I must have come up with at least ten new story ideas in that one evening alone.


I had the very great pleasure to share in a panel with artist authors Jerome Stueart, Charles Vess, Sally Wiener Grotta and Seth Lindberg, who put forward some great information on the marriage of writing and visual arts. This one panel alone combined with a comment from good friend and mentor Carol Berg led me to what will be a bunch of blog posts and interviews with artists and authors about their dreams of success and building the reality.  I already have an impressive line up of names in the art and illustration field and in the authorial field, some of these are of course one and the same.

I am so looking forward to sharing their views with you.



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