I Sold A Story

First of all how are you doing? Are you hanging in? What are you doing to restore yourself?

In the past couple of weeks I have taken a break to do mindless things like work in the garden, and refinish furniture in my workshop. To cool off my fevered brain I have backed away from days of intense revision to walk in the woods and read books by friends and favourite authors.

And yes, I sold a story set in my fantasy world about Birdie (who happens to be Gret’s daughter).

And I wrote Gret’s book. Which is the prequel to ‘Daughter of Stones, Father of Stars.’ (already completed) For some reason I decided I would write this trilogy in reverse order. Son of Ravens (prequel to Gret and still to be written) will begin in the past where the whole demon/dragon war began.

Yes this is a world with Demons and Dragons and Magic.

The magic  comes from the minds of dragons: a kind of telepathic magic that works like the internet does in our world. The demons are entities that look like deep sea monsters and are impossible to get rid of even by the dragons. It’s a complex world filled with complex races of beings all in immediate danger of being devoured by demons.

Sound familiar given our own personal fears these days? Creative people and the publication industry are in this bubbling foment. Plagues and Politics, combined with ‘everything else’ that’s personal feels like we’re living in a novel. 

So much has been going on it’s hard to remember the person I was at the start of 2020. In the past 6 months I have written well over 500k of words in dogged determination to keep going no matter what. Though production has been up, actual sales have not been great. 

So flip back to four days ago when Facebook lit up with commentary and emoji’s about my selling a story. This was a gift to my heart that showed me that the community of friends and family I belong to found a kindred joy in saying yaay! This is important and a good thing in a place where we so need good things right now.

Birdie is going to take flight in her story, she gives birth to the character who becomes the protagonist of book three and she is the daughter of the protagonist Gret who strides through book two. Dragons take flight and demons beware, it’s time to restore and conquer!

It stirred my heart to have over a quarter of the 2k friends I have on Facebook come to my page and let me know they care. They care that I write and like them, I have a dream. That this world I have spent a lifetime creating is now coming to birth in its own wonderful way.

This has made me realize that like my own characters I have the choice to go in the direction of yes and not be wimpy about it. Like my characters I have choices even in a time of turmoil, or maybe because it is a time of turmoil. Stepping back for a few days has given me a different perspective and being an artist I can see more clearly.

I can take flight! I have taken flight. I am my own dragon.



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