When the Water Becomes a Sea of Cloud

Have you ever considered that when your eyes are open what you see is an illusion? I love to play with this idea all the time. This morning I woke to transformation and the water was a sea of cloud. A sea of reflections. Sometimes it’s a fiery piece of armor and at others a sheet of silver glass. Sometimes it’s buried in mist or smoke and you can’t see a thing. It’s still a body of water, but it’s the magic and the charm overlying the wet of mundane salt water that I adore.

Ships float in and out of view like venturing spirits, under bluster or storm or serene under white sails or red stripes, or they perch like gulls watching themselves. Boats can be birds and the osprey is an arrow diving for fingerling fish.

The crows in the Garry oak tree are nesting and I’m yet again reminded that you need to respect crows because if you piss them off, they will never forget. You might as well move because they’ll harass you unto their future generations and yours. They might just be birds but if you go deeper, they’re a wonderful enigmatic species with an intelligence that lets them impress the memory of your face on their babies not yet born.

Crows and trees and seas of cloud and demons and dragons. Did you know that when the waves are just right on the shore, they sound like an ancestral dragon breathing a warning?

I live half in one world and half in another constantly reminded that we are allowed to do this. We dream, we seek, we hope for good things and we fight the bad. Crows could be spirits and spirits crows in my stories. We can touch the element of wonder every day if we let it happen to find an avenging crow or a hero who will risk all to save a world.

I can walk on Willows Beach in Victoria and be with Sue, my character.

In her world, crows are the avenging ghosts of kids who died tragically, who still work for good fighting demons from another world. Crows can be a metaphor for our own intelligence.

The Crow War of Willows Beach is up as a free story right now. You can meet Sue if you want. I’m in the process of writing another story with Sue as my protagonist.

I am spending time these days, sussing out the taste of what I write. Is it fantasy, science fiction, romance or any other genre? Nope. I write in many genres, but the taste of my writing holds fast to the mystic—when water becomes a sea of clouds. I write about when reflection pulls you down into mystery, romance, wonder and fear like the mirror pulled Alice. I can’t write if I’m not so pulled and I hope to share with you the ways in which I am so pulled and see if you are too.

This blog is for you now, dear reader. My drawings are for you, my maps are for you, the links to other kindred sites and the sunset pictures and mood pictures I plan to post in quantity will be for you too. I know they’re for you because you’ll be kindred with me in wonder.

Waiting here for you in the mirror.

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