Do you see a woman named Birdie fleeing from demons? Or a troupe of scaled merfolk? Maybe you can just glimpse the ghosts of Birdie’s past and an enigmatic revenant? You don’t? They are there, in the story and all very present in her life. Birdie has just given birth to a powerful son who is the hope of her world and this island she has found for sanctuary may help her or not. You find out.

The more I delve into my worlds in my own island home the more I come to see that the mystical world likes right outside my window. This also includes the window of my personal creativity. I get to look far but I also go deep. Into the water, into the land, into the unknown parts of me that feel terror. The thing about this is, that like Birdie, the character in this cover story, I have to reach for it.

Birdie is capable of wonderful magics yet she is still troubled and fearful of something unknown and greater than herself. It’s that greater thing I love to write about because it’s a fearful terrifying thing until you face it and understand. Demons lie waiting but maybe it’s the fight against all odds we all must tackle.

I’m currently hard at work on the final revisions of the Book about Birdie’s mother, Gret-of-Roon. And here I have given you a secret even Birdie herself doesn’t know. She wishes she knew who her mother was and why her mother gave her up. Could that answer lie perhaps in her mother’s book?

The image for this beautiful cover was created by Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki. I highly recommend you head over to her site to look at more of her wonderful art. I adore the art on this cover. It speaks not only of the island I live on but to an artist with the vision of what lies beyond the boundary of the canvas. My editors at Pulp Literature Magazine know this too. It’s impossible not to see the wealth of wonder as you peruse the covers and stories found in the pages of the 31 issues you can find. Great art and great stories for the price of a beer. Cheers to the magical unknown. Tankard raised!

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