Breaking the Block What’s In the Works For This Year

January: In the midst of grief from losing David Farland, a beloved mentor to an untimely death, I wrote short stories in his memory, four and one half to be exact. The last is still in process. The first four were spell checked, lightly edited and submitted to markets.

Husband and I assisted our youngest son to move to an apartment in Victoria with his partner while he finishes his second degree at the University of Victoria.

January was also the month where I plan for the year ahead and begin new work on the business side of the industry.

On January 2nd I made my first story sale. To be announced once the contract is signed. On January 4th I received information that another story that was ‘in the works for some time’ will be released in the coming weeks. Last year was very productive and hopefully given the new titles coming this year, 2022 is looking positive.

As February enters with the Year of the Tiger, being a tiger myself, I venture forth to my first conference in two years. This being Superstars Writers Conference in Colorado Springs, where I hope to learn even more about marketing. I’m so looking forward to meeting with colleagues I haven’t seen in person for way too long.

Work continues on revisions of my debut novel, Gret-of-Roon, to be released this coming Fall and on my work in progress Son of Ravens. I have many more projects in the works including a compilation of my best sunset pictures on a page of their own.