Breaking the Block

I had an epiphany today that deals with believing in myself. For the past three years I’ve had a manuscript on the back burner. I haven’t been able to get past chapter two because these smugglers kept on intruding into the action. I could have been hard nosed about it and either killed them off in a battle or just gotten them out of there with an arbitrary decision to nix them. After all I’m the writer aren’t I? The fact that they were there, teased me though. Some part of me knew they were supposed to be there but I just couldn’t figure out why. The fact that I believed in myself enough to trust my gut and leave them be? Priceless.

Today I’ve been busting my head over the long proposal for that book. I believed I had the plot in mind because I know my protagonist like I know my own kids. I know the antagonist and what his plans were and how the two were going to face off. Somehow the plot involved those pesky smugglers. It seemed like a small problem. Yeah, I’ll deal with them when I get to them.

Uh huh. I got halfway through the proposal and bingo, who these guys were and what they were doing to help my antagonist came blindingly clear. The whole basis of the story became clear.
OMG says I. If I’d taken them out, I’d have had a different book but I’d have lost the very essence of what I’m trying to write. So sez I to self, break the block, believe in yourself.

So here’s my question: Did you ever have a blinding realization where you knew what you believed all along wasn’t so? That it isn’t about ‘this’ at all, it’s about THAT? Did this ever happen in your writing? If so, I would love to hear what you have to say.