Brenda’s World

brenda picture taken in the sidney beacon pub by Susan Smith
My work can be found here: Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction River Anthologies, Pulp Literature Magazine, Pulphouse Magazine, Heart’s Kiss Magazine, and in Blackbird Press’s Faerie Tale themed Anthologies.

About me:

I write long and short fiction in a variety of genres and began doing this seriously in 1994. I made my first professional sale in 2010 to the Magazine of Fantasy and Science fiction. My short story ‘The Tale of Nameless Chameleon’ was published in the July/August issue of F&Sf that year and recommended that year by Tangent Online.

Since then, I have continued to make sales in short fiction, some of them in a light-hearted vein and others decidedly dark. I favour ghostly sightings, unusual happenstance and things that go bump in the night.

I am a Canadian (as you might have guessed considering I write words like ‘favour’ with a ‘u’). I live in the Uttermost West of Canada, namely on Vancouver Island. So it is that many of my stories are located either in the Archipelago where I live or on the many isles and continents of the world I’ve been building since I was eighteen.

my dragons are visionaries, my witches run academies and sometimes the Universe takes a human form to save worlds.

I also favour strong female leads though not always. I do prefer my males to be enigmatic and amusing.

As I am a crone and my years be many, I enjoy the pleasure of portraying elders engaging in fast-paced escapades often in company with intrepid youth. To prove that I am a crone and proud of it, I will state that I have thirty-four years of experience as High School teacher and a visual artist in constant search for revelatory connections.

I write about time-traveling antique stores, a Sherlock Holmesian female with a side-kick genie, Rats at sea in the Age of Sail, and a young emotionally-challenged student who can resurrect dead squirrels among other things. I write about mischievous small boys at Christmas time, and Regency Era historical romance.

Through all of this diversity, I have been told I have a singular voice. Perhaps. I will let my readers be the judge.

Just released is ‘Birdie’ the cover story in Pulp Literature’s recent Summer issue #31. It’s a teaser into my world of Ardebrin and an introduction to the protagonist of my debut novel ‘Gret of Roon’, to be released next summer.

Coming this Fall:

‘Road Kill’ set in the 1960’s, this creepy tale speculates on the supernatural lives of dead squirrels and such. To be released in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine’s Issue 14.

Upcoming this Holiday season, I have two stories launching in the Calendar of Holiday Stories through WMG Publications. The link can be found here:

2021 Calendar of Stories