Brenda’s World

brenda picture taken in the sidney beacon pub by Susan Smith

Brenda Carre is an author of long and short fiction with a dark, mythic twist. Brenda’s stories can be found in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction River Anthologies, Pulp Literature Magazine, Pulphouse Magazine, Heart’s Kiss Magazine, and on Bundle Rabbit.

She is currently finishing revisions on ‘ Gret’ the middle book in a big book trilogy set in her mythic fantasy world of Ardebrin.

Soon to be published:

August 2020: ‘Gigglebark Tea’ (an Island Story) will be coming out in The Wild Hunt, published by Blackbird Press.  Gigglebark Tea is a prequel to ‘The Selkie’s Treasure’  in Water Faeries, also published by Blackbird Press.  Both of these stories are a part of the ‘Island Stories’ series.

TBA: ‘A Murder of Crones’ in ‘Second Chances’ an anthology to be published and edited by Kristine Katheryn Rusch through WMG Fiction River and Bundle Rabbit.

TBA: ‘Birdie’ to be published by Pulp Literature Magazine is a story set in the world of Ardebrin.

Stories that can already be found in the Chronicles of Ardebrin:

‘Gret’ published by Pulp Literature Magazine issue 15.

‘The Clunkety’ published in ‘Superpowers’ Issue 26 of Fiction River Magazine.


“Gret” by Brenda Carre sets the issue’s opening bar high. It’s the first chapter of a forthcoming novel of the same name, so beautifully written it overshadows any hesitation of reading an excerpt, so don’t miss out. Gret’s world is harsh and dangerous, filled with magic and intrigue. Carre’s skill with dialect in narration and dialogue transports you to Gret’s world at once.  —Larque Press

What a pleasure to read Brenda Carre’s Gret in Issue 15.  She gives us the unique voice of a talented young vagabond who will risks her soul against magical forces to save a world that’s been anything but kind to her:

My mam always told me there’s three ways to prosper best and all begin with L. Location’s one. No prospering’s ever done by thief or witch if the job begins in the wrong place or time.  Lissome tongue was next.  No matter how much wisdom a gal had to her, good learning didn’t go far if she couldn’t talk her way out of a bad deal.  And last was Lightning touch. That meant the effortless sliding of nimble fingers in-and-out of pockets without being cotched.

With these words Brenda Carre takes us straight into a world of magic, terror and transformation.  —Pulp Literature 

The Island Stories:

Many of Brenda’s stories are located in environments that parallel places on Vancouver Island or on the B.C. Ferries that shuttle passengers back and forth from Canada’s Mainland to Vancouver Island.

Brenda is currently at work on an independently-published anthology of Island Stories.

Mapping-to-Story Workshops:

A Masters degree in Art Education and thirty-plus years of work as a Visual Arts and English educator in an Arts Mini School in Vancouver have given me the skills to develop a series of hands-on creativity workshops that I am now extending to the writing community. ‘Mapping to Story’ involves map creation that engenders profound effects in development of plot and story in all genres. ‘Drawing your Character’ is a fun hour-long experience of drawing character features and expression.

No previous drawing experience is needed to take either workshop.