Brenda’s World

brenda picture taken in the sidney beacon pub by Susan Smith

Brenda Carre is an author of long and short fiction with a dark, mythic twist. Brenda’s stories can be found in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction River Anthologies, Sky Warrior Books, and Ragnarok’s Blackguards/Blacklist Anthology to name a few. Brenda challenges herself to write in many genres but with a harkening to native mythologies and the ‘supernatural’ Pacific Northwest where she lives. Her most recent collaboration was “Finnraziel”, a fantasy novelette requested for Edge of Never: a limited-edition book bundle from 9 best-selling paranormal and urban fantasy authors. (photo)

Brenda is also an educator and artist with 34 years of educational experience in creativity training in the Vancouver Secondary School system. She has a Masters of Education in Visual Arts from the University of British Columbia and Co-Founded the Lord Byng Mini-School of the Arts in Vancouver B.C. Brenda now does creativity workshops in story generation that have evolved from her work as a visual artist.

Coming Attractions:

Brenda has several stories forthcoming from Fiction River.

THE CROW WAR OF WILLOWS BEACH in ‘Haunted’, to be released in September 2016 Edited by Kerrie L Hughes:  Nothing compares to a good ghost story. And in Haunted, some of the best short fiction writers in the business explore the many different ways to haunt someone: literally, figuratively, happily, angrily… From a man haunted by his wife’s favorite appliance to a possessed building protective of its new family to a chilling twist on the modern practice of ghosting, the fourteen authors of Fiction River’s latest volume provide unforgettable stories that will haunt the reader for years to come.

THE LEGEND OF LONG BOW AND SHORT STAFF in ‘Tavern Tales’ Edited by Kerrie L Hughes. Projected date: January 2017

RATS AT SEA in ‘No Humans Allowed’ edited by John Helfers. Projected date: March 2017

The Cronicles of Ardebrin:

Many of Brenda’s stories occur on the planet of Ardebrin a world slightly larger than Earth and in a parallel dimension to Earth. Ardebrin can be accessed through a gap in time and space called the Rift of Shadow. The Rift of Shadow is the haunt of demons. Pendary (see map) is a country ruled by a native monarch with magical powers and a non-native monarch with military might. Pendary lies on the western coast of one of many continents on Ardebrin and is the place where her current work in progress Truth Seer, happens. Many of the illustrations on the art page are depictions of characters in Truth Seer.

Brenda has been writing about Ardebrin and its many connections to our world for most of her life.

The Island Stories:

Many of Brenda’s stories are located in environments that parallel places on Vancouver Island or on the B.C. Ferries that shuttle passengers back and forth from Canada’s Mainland to the Island. Her Crow War stories occur near Willows Beach in Victoria. Her ‘Trove’ stories (about a time-traveling inter-dimensional antique shop called ‘Trove’—with its sign that says “Open by Interplanetary Agreement”) occur in the fictional town of Port Milicent. Two towns on the Island’s sunshine coast are the source material for these stories. The inspiration for Trove is a little shop in Qualicum Beach called Not Yet An Antique. It sports a sign upon the door that says: “Irregular Hours Strictly Kept.” Not Yet An Antique in Qulicum Beach B.C.

Brenda is currently at work on an independently-published anthology of Island Stories.

Mapping-to-Story Workshops:

Brenda’s work as a Visual Arts and English educator in an Arts Mini School in Vancouver has led her to develop her  hands-on creativity workshops which she is now extending to the writing community. Mapping to story involves map creation that engenders profound effects in development of plot and story in all genres.

Mythology and Consciousness:

All of Brenda’s stories have a spark of myth about them. Always there is that suggestion that what we see is not always what we get and that magic and terror can spring from the same mythic, unconscious and creative source.

Of Brenda’s first professional sale THE TALE OF NAMELESS CHAMELEON, Hannah Greenberg of Tangent Online stated:

“The heroine represents not just the ability to triumph over personal adversity or the ability of society’s authentic watchdogs to protect the proletariat, but also the personal and collective price of keeping a culture honest.

Though it’s true I adore the descriptive language Carre employs to depict whore houses, study halls and the exactitudes of rulers’ clothing, what I admire most about this writing is the author’s prowess in palatably outlining a vital piece of sociology”