Brenda’s Bio

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Welcome to my bio. Though this page is still under construction I begin it by saying I write short fiction in a number of genres and for a variety of places, some of these being the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Pulp Literature Magazine, Fiction River Anthologies, Camden Park Press, the Jules Verne Society, Heart’s Kiss Magazine and Blackbird Press.

This array of many markets may tell you I write Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Regency romance, Humour, whimsy, and apparently there’s a category called Weird Fiction. I write about ghosts and the unseen worlds that we might sense but not see. Probably ninety percent of the stuff I write has something ghostly or about to be ghostly in it. So add paranormal to the mix.

I write Epic Fantasy in First Person POV and my debut novel Gret-of-Roon is going to launch in Summer 2021 from Pulp Literature Publishing. I’m excited about this because it represents a huge landmark in my career. Gret’s book is the first book of a series set in a world I’ve been building since I was eighteen.

In this world, I live on the southern tip of Vancouver Island and a lot of my inspiration literally rises from the ocean outside my window. I can toss off my shoes and hunt sea glass and remember I spotted a pod of whales in the middle of Active Pass. I also travel to conventions and to writers retreats, though not currently. Two virtual World Fantasy Conventions and many Zoom sessions with colleagues keep me active and in touch. My great hope is to return to in-person conferences in 2022.

Please do enjoy this month’s story, and do feel free to contact me or sign up for my newsletter and get a free issue of Pulp Literature Magazine.

In future, I’ll have other extras for you in the form of giveaways, and maybe a lesson on mapping to story or how to draw your character, not available anywhere else: