Portals to Perception

My thanks to my friend photographer, Neil Dickie, for permission to use his fabulous image of Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria B.C.

I grew up in an environment with few books, but also in an oral tradition where stories were told before bed, constructed out of what was real and turned into magic. So the nine o’clock bell in the convent next door became the ‘Bell for the Ban-Sidhe’ when human children had to go to bed. And the church yard where my ancestors lay in their graves had a fence you could stand on to look at baby robins in their nest.

So I learned there’s always more than what you see in this world and from the age of two and on, I began to tell myself stories about other people and other worlds beyond the farmyard and the house where I lived.

What I hope to do for you on this page is to give you a look at the the wonder of what’s just a ‘think’ beyond what you see in our storied world. More to come just around the next corner.

Sunset over Saanich Inlet, Vancouver Island British Columbia