cover fiction river, hauntedBrenda Carre writes long and short fiction woven through with a kiss of Grimdark and a twist of mythic fantasy.  Brenda has several stories about to be released from Fiction River.

THE CROW WAR OF WILLOWS BEACH in ‘Haunted’, to be released in September 2016:  Sue Joseph knows that Willows beach is haunted, but she discovers the murder of crows transform by night into a tribe of shape shifting ghosts who fight a continuous battle with the soul-eaters, demons coming through to devour humankind.

THE LEGEND OF LONG BOW AND SHORT STAFF in ‘Tavern Tales’ Edited by Kerrie L Hughes. Projected date: January 2017. Two hotel entrepreneurs discover a mythical beast in the Rocky Mountains in this short narrative poem in homage to Robert W.Service.

RATS AT SEA in ‘No Humans Allowed’ edited by John Helfers. Projected date: March 2017. Will ships’ rats desert an English Frigate under fire from the French during the Napoleonic Wars? Not if their leader is a doughty young rat named Willy Topper and not if he needs to save the life of his one true love.